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Olive Stacks Academy Launches Tech Bootcamp 2024

Nigerian edutech platform, Olive Stacks Academy, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative on Sunday, April 7th, by inaugurating the much-anticipated 2024 Tech Skills Bootcamp.

The event marks a significant milestone in tech education, offering a platform tailored to equip aspiring tech enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

The tech bootcamp will last for 3 months and features an immersive onsite learning experience, combining intensive theoretical instruction from world class coaches and facilitators with hands-on practical exercises across a spectrum of tech disciplines. Participants have the opportunity to delve into a diverse array of courses, including web design, app development, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, digital marketing, product design and management, as well as business development and the intricacies of startup lunching and funding.

Kicking off the program was the Pastor Segun Iraoya, the resident pastor of RCCG Daystar Parish, Ajah, Lagos. Pastor Segun expressed his gratitude to both the students and organizers of the bootcamp, emphasizing the importance of dedication and diligence in pursuing excellence in technology.

During the program overview, the Co-founder and CEO of Olive Stacks Academy, Jerry King Nwobodo spoke about the importance of the bootcamp in shaping the future of participants. He underscored the program’s goal of fostering not only technical proficiency but also the tangible development of innovative products. Nwobodo emphasized the theme of the program: “One Student, One Product,” highlighting the commitment to productivity, tech skill development, tangible results and entrepreneurship.

In the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Olive Stacks Academy, Emotu Onimowo, delivered a compelling address during the class induction. Onimowo urged students to embrace a paradigm shift in their thinking, encouraging them to adopt a mindset of creativity and resilience. He stressed the importance of thinking outside the box, underscoring the transformative power of innovative solutions in addressing societal challenges.

Also speaking at the event, Ms. Folashade Akande, the youth coordinator of RCCG Daystar Zone provided invaluable insights into the intersection of technology and market dynamics. Emphasizing the importance of product-market fit, Folashade urged students to consider not only the technical intricacies of their creations but also their commercial viability. She underscored the need for a holistic approach to product development, emphasizing the fusion of technical excellence with market acumen.

The launch of the 2024 Tech Skills Bootcamp by Olive Stacks Academy represents a pivotal moment in the landscape of technological education in Nigeria. Equipping participants with the requisite skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurial acumen, the 3-month bootcamp is poised to catalyze the emergence of a new generation of tech leaders, poised to drive innovation and transformative change in Nigeria and beyond.

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