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Colombia: Thousands Protest Over Tax Proposals, Rising Insecurity

Protesters Storm Streets To Protest Tax Reform

The government of Colombia proposed tax proposals has made Tens of thousands of protesters storm the streets.

This development was carried out by Colombia’s biggest unions, despite a court order to postpone the strike over concerns of an overstretched health system amid a third wave of coronavirus.

Other affected bodies that took part in the protest are: Teachers, university students, trade unions, Afro-Colombian and Indigenous groups and many others took part in the protests on Wednesday against tax changes put forward by right-wing President Ivan Duque’s government.

In order to reduce or eliminate many tax exemptions, such as those on product sales, to help boost an economy severely affected by COVID-19, the government has proposed an array of new or expanded taxes on citizens and business owners.

The aspect many working- and middle-class people are bothered about is the effect that the new proposals will have on them.

According to Al Jazeera, 36-year-old Spanish language teacher Sol Martinez who reacted to the situation said,  “We’re here to say ‘no’ to the tax reforms,” while holding a sign with the same message written on it. “They’re robbing us poor people, while they give everything to the rich.”

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