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Maksew Business Connect Hits Nigerian Markets

Nigeria as a country has a wide range of food varieties, that has overtime reflected in our culture, tradition and heritage. We are so accustomed to our food, that even those in the diaspora yearn and go the extra mile to voyage our local food condiments to their respective abodes.

To this end, Maksew Business Connect has created convenient platform for foodstuff purchases across Nigeria and diaspora.

Over the years, Makesew Business Connect has consolidated on raw food supplies, processed foodstuff, perishables, beverages (etc) for daily human consumption.

This fast-growing and innovative company specialises in outsourcing for the best foodstuffs which are neatly branded and packaged for household consumption.

Below are the range of available foodstuffs:

RAW FOOD STUFF: Rice, Beans, Yam Tubers, Plantains, flour, Garri, Spaghetti, Pasta, Noodles, Maize, Irish/ Sweet Potatoes, Millet, Guinea Corn.

PROTEIN: Chicken, meat, beef, turkey, goat meat, pork, fish.

SOUPS: Melon seed (egusi) ogbono seed, Crayfish, periwinkles, dried prawns, snail, locust beans (Iru), (castor beans) (ogiri).

SWALLOWS: Garri (yellow or white) yam flour, cassava (fufu) plantain flour, wheat, tuwo, semo.

COOKING OIL: Palm oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, soya oil.

FASTFOOD CONDIMENTS: sugar, ketchup, honey, mayonnaise, vinegar, peanut butter, jam.

CANNED FOODS: Tomato Paste, Green peas, sweet Corn, baked bean, sardin, carrot.

DAIRY AND BEVERAGES: All kinds of tea, powdered and evaporated milk, eggs, soya milk, coconut milk, yoghurt/yogurt, cheese, butter/margarine, cocoa, sodas.

SPICES: Seasoning cubes, pepper soup spice, suya spice, banga spice, Cameroon pepper, salt, yellow pepper, uziza, uda, Archi.

SNACKS AND NUTS: Peanuts and groundnut, dried Tiger nuts, dates, groundnut cake (kuli-kuli), bitter kola, almond nut, plantain chips, cashew nuts.

Maksew Business Connect has built a sustainable food supply chain that has come to stay in the ever-competitive food industry.

For your everyday food and needs, we deliver across Nigeria, Africa, Europe, Canada and America at an affordable price.

Start placing your orders for the festive period.

Contact us directly on:  08139479938, 07080544394

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